Ten best strategy games that you can play right now, for free

Ten best strategy games that you can play right now, for free

July 26, 2020 0 By EditorMagazin

If you want to try your hand at fun and challenging strategy games, check out the title overview for which you don’t have to spend a penny

We bring you an overview of the ten best free strategy games.

Launched in 1996, the Freeciv project is one of the oldest and most reputable among free strategy games online. You can play it online or offline, as well as compete with other players.

It looks like Civilization 2, which is not surprising considering how it appeared in the same year as that game. If you’re nostalgic for those days of 2D graphics or curious to see what it looks like, immerse yourself in the world of Freeciva for a while.

Much like Freeciv with Civilization, Freeorion seeks to replicate the glorious days and achievements of the Masters of Orion game. That space games franchise, meanwhile, has stumbled and isn’t nearly as successful as Sid Meier’s series, but it has its advantages and charms.

You can also download Megamek to your computer or play online (against artificial intelligence or other players), and you should definitely do that if you liked the game on the Battletech board, with huge war machines in the fight against the same opponent. There are also lasers, projectiles and other wonders.

Do you prefer the fantasy genre? Battle for Wesnoth will probably not disappoint you in that case. You will wander the fields and seas trying to regain the lost throne or discover magical gems. The possibility of playing against other players is also available for this game.

Colonist is a great choice for fans of the Settlers of Catan board game. You can play it on your desktop or tablet computer and smartphone. The goal is to get civilization back on its feet and expand it by building settlements and avoiding enemy attacks. You can play it solo or against others.

In Geopolitics, the goal is simple: to conquer the world. It’s simple and fun. You start with a city that brings you income. You need to use this to raise an army and occupy neighbors.

Another clone of the Masters of Orion game, available for Windows, macOS and Linux. you will find yourself at the forefront of an alien race on your way to dominating the galaxy. You will develop technologies, explore space, and colonize wherever you can.

The Risk board game has been with us in various forms since 1957. You can grab this release for free on the Steam platform. You play against the computer or other players, and there are more than 40 maps available, lots of scenarios and various other settings.

A fun and optional game where you will face monsters like Medusa, Frankenstein and Bigfoot in skirmishes that last three to five minutes. There are several other game modes worth exploring, such as adventure and survival.

If you want to command armies around the world and history, this is the game for you. In order to survive and thrive, you will need to demonstrate the skills of diplomacy and financial and resource management. When you get tired of playing against the computer, you can target other players, but also make your own maps.