Stress – find out what causes a heart attack and what stressful situations are – Aura

Stress – find out what causes a heart attack and what stressful situations are – Aura

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Stress forces people to live at a deadly pace. Are you among them?

Stress creeps up on you without you being aware of it. And when you realize that, it may be too late! Can you prevent the worst?

If you want to check if you are among the “vulnerable” people who may die, answer the questions from this test.

Most people who are threatened with a heart attack are not even aware that they strain their mind and body to the point that they cannot withstand it on a daily basis.

This is why it is said that some people live at a “deadly pace” and are not even aware that stress is slowly eating away at them.

American physician, renowned heart disease specialist Dr. R. Rosenman claims:

“Lifestyle is the main reason why heart disease is the biggest ‘killer’ of citizens of developed countries.”

These people are constantly on the move, and when they rest physically, their mind behaves as if it is still at work!

They are constantly thinking about what they did wrong, worrying about what will happen tomorrow, planning…

Because their mind is not at rest, many people lack energy and constantly feel tired and exhausted.


Stress and heart disease

Dr. Rosenman met with Dr. Friedman investigated whether there are certain types of people who behave this way and are therefore more susceptible to heart disease than others.

They chose a group of 80 people who never had enough time to do whatever they wanted.

Also, in doing so, they had a strong urge to be successful at work.

Such people are, in their opinion, typical candidates for heart attack, and they have called them “type A”.

Stress was their way of life.

After that, they chose another, so-called control group of completely different people.

They all had enough free time and none of them had competitive qualities. They called them “type B”.

Analysis of the lives and health of both groups showed that type A people were seven times more likely to have a heart attack than type B people.

And their diet and living conditions were similar. so what’s the difference then?

No one from group B

Many doctors have done similar research to determine the causes of the disease in people who experience a heart attack.

For example, in the most developed U.S. state of California, researchers followed 3,500 volunteers aged 30 to 60 for ten years.

They were businessmen, employees of large banks and employees of airlines.

They divided them into equal groups, in one there were persons of type A, and in the other of type B.

After ten years, 250 volunteers from both groups suffered a heart attack.

But as many as 70 percent (175) of them were from type A group!

Of the people who died after a heart attack, none were from type B.

There are many other similar studies, and in most of them people belonging to group “A” are “destroyed” by stress faster and harder.


Make sure you are among them:

To check if you are a type A person, answer honestly the questions we post here with “yes” or “no”.

As in any test, if you lie, you will “cheat” only yourself!

Answer yes or no:

. Do you suppress feelings?
. Do you speak very loudly?
. Are you often restless?
. Frowning, swearing, clenching your teeth, clenching your fists?
. Do you enjoy competing with others?
. Do you always want to win?
. Are you upset by the traffic jam?
. Do you often get angry or upset?
. You don’t like waiting in a restaurant, a bank…?
. Do you prefer to do the work yourself rather than wait for others to do it?
. You don’t like to leave unfinished business?
. Do you feel that time is passing too fast?
. Do you sometimes do work while eating or in the bathroom?
. Do you want to finish the job as fast as you can?
. Do you like to walk fast?
. Do you look at the clock often?
. Do you set deadlines for yourself?
. Do you only pursue a hobby when you don’t have any important work?
. Do you come to meetings too early?
. Rarely do you stay at the table after dinner?
. Do you often think of something else during the conversation?
. Do you finish sentences instead of the interlocutor?
. Are you forcing others to speak faster?


If you answered yes to most of the questions, you are a type A person.

You need to think about your lifestyle leading to a heart attack and find time to relax.

Read some tips here:


If you are a type A person, here are some tips to help you change your lifestyle:

  • In order not to give up, pay in advance and arrange to go on weekends at least once a month, and on summer and winter holidays.
  • Change your work schedule often, find people who can help you, do not set fixed deadlines, provide time and money reserve.
  • Do not take on other people’s responsibilities, do what you want and love, what you can do.
  • Relax mentally and emotionally, not just physically. Enroll in a painting course, buy a theater subscription, borrow books, try singing, writing, drawing…
  • Choose a company or party that makes you laugh, no matter how simple and ordinary it may be. People who often laugh spontaneously do not die of a heart attack!
  • Exercise regularly (swimming, dancing, skating ()
  • Do the hobby you love because it stimulates the right side of the brain and does not cause strenuous thinking (left hemisphere activity). / alterplus /

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