A tree that soothes and heals – Aura

A tree that soothes and heals – Aura

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The most important for the history of linden are the Old Slavic tribes. They lived in linden forests and were very attached to trees because they provided them with food, water, protection. They especially appreciated the linden because it gave them food, honey and wax

Many years ago, various medicinal plants were the only medicine that people could rely on. They today cannot replace modern medical procedures, but they are still more than useful.

The linden, also known as the Tilia tree, grows most commonly in Europe and North America. It has been used in folk medicine as a medicine for centuries, especially in Europe where it grows in abundance. Flowers that these days fill the air with their scent can be used to make tea that cures anxiety and has a calming effect.

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Sacred tree

Linden has a strong energetic effect on humans: it provides peace and warmth, helps treat cardiovascular diseases and depression. Stand next to a linden tree, communicate with it and you will immediately feel better.

Among the Old Slavs, the linden tree was a sacred tree and was associated with the goddess of love and beauty – Lada. When the linden blossoms, a surprisingly subtle and delicate aroma flows in the air. During this period, the whole tree is covered with small, fragrant yellow-white flowers, whose bouquets resemble the wings of dragons and are used for reproduction – the wind blows them over a long distance, and where they fall – there will grow new

Natural cosmetics

Linden is not only useful in case of a cold, which is known to everyone, but it is also used in cosmetics. Linden flower is perfect for preparing decoctions, lotions and masks for face and neck skin. Other parts of this wood are also used to make cosmetics. Thus, the washed leaves or chopped fresh buds are placed on the ulcers to relieve pain, disinfect and soften the skin.

The pulp of chopped buds, as well as the juice of the leaves, in the form of compresses are used in case of burns. Diluted with water (in a ratio of 1:20), linden leaf juice is ideal for washing the face as it improves skin elasticity.

Make a lotion

In the case of oily skin and increased sweating, linden flower lotion is excellent. Pour a handful of a mixture of equal amounts of linden flowers, sage leaves and mint with a quarter liter of vodka, leave it for two weeks, strain it and use it for cleaning.

Homemade masks

Linden flower masks have a beneficial effect on the skin. Pour a tablespoon of chopped linden flowers with half a cup of hot water and cook over medium heat until you get a thick mixture. In the case of oily skin, apply this mass on the face warm, and on dry skin – cold.

After 15-20 minutes, take off the mask, then spray your face with cold water. You can practice this mask two or three times senmically. The cure involves 15-20 masks.

Any skin type will be refreshed by the following mask: mix two teaspoons of dry skin cream with two teaspoons of linden flower decoction (pour three to four tablespoons of raw material with two glasses of water and cook for five to ten minutes). Apply the mixture on the face and neck in the evening and hold for 15 minutes.

It is also good for the eyes

When the eyelids are red, rinse your eyes with strained tea: pour a teaspoon or two of dried linden flowers with a cup of boiling water and leave to cool. In addition, compresses can be made: dip gauze in a warm decoction of linden flowers, squeeze it and keep it on the eyes for three to five minutes. This will alleviate eyelid swelling and eye fatigue, and reduce wrinkles.

Nourishes hair

If you want to give your hair shine and elasticity, pour 50 g of linden flowers in a liter of boiled water, leave it to stand for an hour and then strain it. Rinse your hair with the obtained decoction after washing. This procedure also contributes to strengthening the hair.

Apply the following lotion to oily hair: pour two tablespoons of linden flower with half a liter of boiled water and cook for two or three minutes on low heat, cool, strain and add a tablespoon of vinegar or juice of one lemon, as well as a quarter cup of camphor solution (or alcoholic marigold tincture). or eucalyptus).

In case of acne, wrinkles, rough skin and irritations – it is recommended to wash your face with a decoction of linden flowers, where for normal and oily skin decoctions are prepared in the amount of two tablespoons of raw per cup of boiled water, and for dry skin less concentrated – one tablespoon. linden flowers on a cup of boiled water. For freckles and pigment spots, washing with linden tea is extremely useful.

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